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We had quite the Winter here in Tri-Cities didn't we? Although the snow was nice for a while, we are all glad it is gone and that Spring is officially here. The sunshine and daffodils emerging are my favorite part of Spring. I don't like the dandelions or the wind but I will take both over snow!

Gearing up for Spring, we typically have put down a pre-emergent fertilizer in the lawn by now, however due to the late start we are a little behind the usual schedule. It is NOT too late to get a pre-emergent on your lawn. What it does is PREVENT new seedlings from germinating. The wind and irrigation water in our area is responsible for a lot of the weeds that you see in your lawn. Putting down a fertilizer with pre-emergent is the best way to prevent the new seeds from starting in the first place. We include this in our first 2 lawn applications in the season. Any existing weeds will be treated with a selective herbicide during the application process until they are eradicated. If you are considering overseeding you will want to use a granular fertilizer that does NOT have the pre-emergent for at least 6 weeks after seeding.

Along with weeds we have also seen quite a bit of snow mold. If you have strange gray or white patches on your lawn that look almost like a spider web and matted grass it is most likely snow mold. It isn't usually a big deal. It typically forms when moisture is trapped under the grass and thatch after a winter like we had with heavy moisture. Often times the grass is left a little long before leaves and snow falls in the Fall and Winter and resulting in mold growth. Most of the time you can rake it out and and aerate to give it a little air and give the moisture a place to go. We usually recommend an aeration at least 1- 2 times a year during the Spring and Fall season. This Spring is a great time to aerate due the the additional moisture we received, your lawn will get a pre-season boost!

Let us know if you have questions about pre-emergent fertilization or aeration. We are happy to help!

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