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The irrigation canals will be filling soon. There are multiple fill dates in the area and each district follows a difference schedule. For convenience, we have included a direct link to each of the websites. If your sprinkler system operates on city water, you may start it up now. For those on irrigation water, we have found that the dates listed for water delivery are estimates. If you are scheduled for a Sprinkler Start Up with EPIC, please keep that in mind that district delivery schedules and changes may effect ours. It is common for breaks and problems to occur in the canals in the first couple weeks resulting in delivery delays. We will keep you upated on news as we receive it.


"Our Water Status Map is a helpful tool created for our customers to use to stay updated on the status of their water throughout the water season."

To view this map: – Visit our website – Select the button that says “Water Status Map”  – Type your address in the top left corner – Click the area close your home and the map will give you the reasoning for the outage.

If you are blue on the map but do not have water, or you have problems viewing this map our customer service team is available at 509-586-9111.


Columbia Irrigation District will begin filling and flushing the canal system March 25th.  This process takes five to seven days from the time water is turned into the canal at Wanawish Dam and flows through to the end of the canal system. 

 For those individuals who pump directly from the canal, we strongly urge you not to begin pumping as soon as you see water.  It is very easy to plug your system if you do not allow the weeds and debris to flush out of the canal and it could take three weeks or longer to get you unplugged. Due to high call volumes during priming, the District suggests all valves be in the off position. Allowing the canal to have an initial flush will reduce the call volume and free up the staff to make repairs and clear lines of debris.

 Our goal is to deliver water to the entire District by April 20th.  If you do not receive water by then, notify office personnel at 586-6118.  Unfortunately, not everyone can be first to get water.  Thank you for your patience while the crews are doing everything possible to get water to you in a timely manner.

 If leaks occur, we will isolate the leak and when we have finished priming the system, we will begin making repairs.  Should you have a problem with your service valve, give our office a call and a work order will be placed on the maintenance schedule.

(FROM BMI) WATER START UP DATE APRIL1ST ​ Water will start filling the canal April 1st and should conclude with full operation District-wide on April 12th. When you receive water depends on where you are located within the District. (*Due to the late winter weather there was a delay in the initial start up dates. The new dates, shown above, are based on weather permitting.)

Now scheduling Sprinkler Start Ups

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